19th of MAY 2024

The Vogalonga is a 32 kilometers rowing regatta, it begins in the spectacular Bacino of St. Mark, moves towards the islands of the Northern Lagoon and then continue past the Palazzi of the Grand Canal. The Vogalonga is a famous regatta that began in Venice in 1974, and takes place each year on a Sunday in May when, for a few hours, the suffocating traffic of motorized boats ceases, and the water is left alone to the oars.

The Vogalonga was born as a protest by those Venetians who wished to show the discomfort caused by motor boats, still one between the greatest problem in safeguarding the structure of the city.

The beauty of the lagoon passages, the enthusiasm of the rowers, and the opportunity to see, even for just one day a year, Venice as a river of thousands of boats, has transformed the Vogalonga into a splendid sporting event.

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